Friday, 20 October 2017

Apple and GE team up to deliver IoT apps.

IoT maintenance times set to shrink.

Developers are set to benefit from powerful new analytics tools for industrial applications, thanks to a partnership between GE and Apple.

The Predix software development kit (SDK) will enable companies to make their own IoT apps, tapping into the growing market for connected devices.

The new SDK will be available for download from October 26 and will enable developers to build on the analytics functionality of GE’s Predix, by combining it with Apple’s iOS to produce a new set of industrial apps.

It is expected that that new apps will enable operators with iPhones and iPads to have greater insight into how IoT equipment is functioning.  For example, an app could be used to inform an iPhone user of a malfunctioning piece of equipment, while at the same time, other members of the team could be alerted to the need to fix the item.

By Maxwell Cooter.

Full story at Tech Radar.

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