Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Apple’s three Mac Minis released in 2011 now unsupported ‘vintage’ devices.

Apple recently updated its list of vintage and obsolete products to include the Mac Mini released in 2011. That means the device is no longer supported by Apple, thus it won’t be qualified for service or repairs. It now falls between Apple’s five-to-seven year “vintage” window, and will become an official “obsolete” product in 2019.

The Mac Mini line itself hasn’t seen a hardware refresh since 2014, but new units are supposedly on the horizon. Apple first introduced its miniature Mac computer in 2005, which served as the company’s first Mac-branded product to ship without a built-in display, a compatible mouse, or a keyboard. The idea was to address customers who were looking to move away from Windows-based PCs, and already owned those three external devices.

By Kevin Parrish.

Full story at Digital Trends.

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