Tuesday, 12 December 2017

South Korea to create 260,000 science jobs.

The science ministry unveiled a plan, Tuesday, to create jobs in the areas of science technology and information and communications technology (ICT) for 260,000 people in the time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To this end, the Ministry of Science and ICT came up with four forwarding strategies and 14 detailed assignments that will drive the plan.

The plan came as the ministry is set to take advantage of those sectors that have higher potential to create jobs than others thanks to the proliferation of open platforms as well as the advent of the fourth major industrial era.

First of all, the government will put top priority on building infrastructure for job creation such as intelligence information-specialized graduate schools and software-focused universities.

"The government will reform and expand local universities' information technology research center (ITRC), which we expect will employ 6,000 by 2022. We will also increase the number of software-focused schools from 20 to 30 by 2019, expected to nurture 20,000 talented students," said a ministry official.

The ministry added that it plans to produce 10 000 cybersecurity experts by 2022 and 800 high-quality human resources in nanotechnology every year, while improving regulations on new industries and services.

When it comes to science technology-based job creation, the government plans to designate five universities, where lab research performances translate into money-making ventures and eventual hiring. 

By Kang Seung-woo.

Full story at Korea Times.

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