Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How biometrics is providing a more personal way of determining identity.

Almost by definition, 'new' technology doesn't (or at least shouldn't) stand still. For it to continue to be useful to the user it must evolve and stay relevant to their business needs and provide an excellent user experience.

Biometrics is a good example of a technology that continues to evolve and become something that we consumers are increasingly reliant upon and yet - if done right - are also increasingly unaware of.

Biometrics are unique physiological or behavioural characteristics and are used to authenticate a person's identity.
Biometrics are rapidly overtaking more traditional methods of authentication such as passwords and signatures and, indeed, many of us are now comfortable providing a physiological biometric (for example, a fingerprint or a voice or facial recognition check) to access our online mobile bank accounts or to make a payment with our phones.

By Charlie Tuxworth.
Full story at Belfast Telegraph.

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