Friday, 20 April 2018

There is no perceived IT generation gap: Young people really are thick.

Grumble grumble where's me suet pudding in Bovril etc.

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Blank faces abound. No, not all are blank: some are horrified, revolted even. What did I say?

Security is swiftly called. The usual routine, I think, as a pair of uniformed bouncers slip unhurriedly into the open-plan office, fire doors swinging gently behind them. But no – they come to a halt several paces in front of me and wait.

The more menacing of the two raises a smartphone in my direction and takes a photo. Then follows an uncomfortable silence as he casually thumb-taps away on the screen. At first I assume he is saving my mugshot onto a corporate database of ne’er-do-wells but it’s taking too long. Ah, I realise, I’m probably on lots of these databases already and he’s now using the snapshot and AI image recognition to look me up.

His thumb stops its little dance and he raises his head, fixing me with knowing eye contact.

“Ah, Dabbsy.”

By Alistair Dabbs.
Full story at The Register

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