Wednesday, 16 May 2018

​How Australia's Department of Defence is using IBM Watson.

The Department of Defence told ZDNet it has highlighted at least 14 use cases for its on-premises version of IBM Watson to use artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights out of its data.

The Australian Department of Defence is using what Matt Smorhun, Assistant Secretary for the ICT Strategy Realisation Branch at the Department of Defence, said was only the second on-premises instance of Watson globally. 

Speaking at the CeBIT Australia conference in Sydney on Wednesday, Smorhun said the department decided to invest in a secret, classified version of IBM's Watson platform, instead of spending valuable time working out how to do artificial intelligence, cognitive learning, and advanced analytics on its own. 

He said Defence decided to "just buy this thing" and then work out how it was going to fit into the organisation later. 

After a series of workshops, Defence decided to put its horded data to good use, and as Smorhun told ZDNet, the department has about 14 use cases across all services within the organisation.

By Asha McLean.
Full story at ZDNet.

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