Wednesday, 2 May 2018

How Facebook Became the Tech Company People Love to Hate.

The platform has allowed our physical and digital selves to uncomfortably merge..

His congressional testimony behind him, his company’s shares rebounding, a confident Mark Zuckerberg took the stage in San Jose on Tuesday at F8, Facebook’s annual conference. The Facebook CEO was as comfortable as I’ve ever seen him, as if all the trials of the last couple months leveled him up.

Zuckerberg spent the first 15 minutes of the two-day event in the mode he’s been in for a year: talking up the company’s responsibilities, promising reform, and rolling out new features intended to answer criticisms. The headline change is a new privacy control that allows Facebook users to delete the information that Facebook has gleaned about their browsing habits. Zuckerberg likened it to clearing a browser’s cookies. When it rolls out soon, it will go by the name Clear History.

By Alexis C. Madrigal.

Full story at The Atlantic.

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