Tuesday, 29 May 2018

How to design a beautiful blockchain site.

By Creative Bloq Staff Web design.

We take a look at the ICO sites designed to inspire confidence.

When it comes to new blockchain ventures, you may think the look of your website is of secondary importance. If the project is sound, it shouldn’t matter how its site is designed, right? Wrong. A great looking website is essential if you want to encourage investment and inspire public confidence. 

Let’s say a hopeful investor is searching every corner of the internet for upcoming Initial Coin Offerings. They look at its whitepapers to discern its concepts, technology, token distributions, techniques and vision, and it all seem promising. But its website looks like it was patched together by amateurs. Instantly, they begin to wonder if it’s a shady venture, and are deterred from investing.

The team behind an ICO can have the most brilliant engineers and visionaries, but unless they present themselves well, they do not give off the impression that they know what they are doing. A well-designed website is imperative for blockchain companies to inspire confidence in both investors and the public (not convinced? Take a look at this article on how to spot and ICO scam). 

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