Thursday, 7 June 2018

Can we rebuild trust in the internet?

After a number of high scandals and security failures, trust in tech companies and the internet is on the slide. Rebuilding it will be a big challenge.

High-profile cyber security incidents have hit consumer trust in big technology firms and how they use our data, and even left some doubting whether the internet is a good thing.

The global WannaCry attack disrupted many organisations including the UK's National Health Service while the Cambridge Analytica revelations have left many consumers questioning what large technology and social media firms should be allowed to do with their personal data.

Nobody imagined the power companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon could hold when the internet was invented in 1989. Even a decade on from that, many remained naïve about the potential of the internet to create new business empires with vast power.

By Danny Palmer.

Full story at ZDNET.

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