Thursday, 21 June 2018

Ofcom Deregulate More UK Broadband and Tighten Rules for KCOM.

After a bit of a delay Ofcom has today published the draft outcome of their latest Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) market review, which among other things imposes some new rules upon KCOM in Hull (East Yorkshire) and relaxes regulation across more of the UK due to rising competition between ISPs.

At present Ofcom tends to filter each part of the United Kingdom into three categories (markets), which defines which areas need more regulation to protect consumers (Market A) and which can benefit from softer regulation due to rising competition (Market B). This is important, not least because it can affect how much some of you pay for your broadband and phone services.

Generally speaking BT (Openreach) is only considered to have Significant Market Power(SMP) for the wholesale broadband market in a small part of the United Kingdom (Market A), while KCOM is viewed the same for the Hull area and has its own definition. Outside of these areas there’s usually enough competition from rival ISPs and networks for Ofcom to deregulate certain services.

Full story at ISP Review.

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